How to choose the right phone case material for you?

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How to choose the right phone case material for you?

The most common problem many people go to a repair shop is a broken glass screen. If the impact point is in a corner of the phone, the screen is particularly prone to shattering, and the force exerted on the glass is more concentrated. For basic protection, choose a phone case that fits you.

Phone cases can be made of almost any material. From plastic to glass to silicone, there are many options these days.
The DreemTeam store offers phone cases in 4 materials.

1. If you like a light feel, then a TPU phone case is a good choice.

TPU is softer and more elastic. Highly durable and impact resistant. Don't think of TPU as rubber or silicone as it has a better structure than these materials, TPU is good at absorbing shock due to its thicker construction, while maintaining shape and durability.

Plus, the plastic case snaps into place as easily as 1-2-3. Just snap each corner in for stable protection. Don't forget that plastic phone cases are a lightweight option, so they don't add weight to your pockets, purse, or hands.

2. If you like a phone case that's more flexible and has better shock absorption, then the silicone case is for you!

Silicone is softer and more resilient than many plastics, and is also an excellent shock absorber that feels comfortable in the hand.

Silicone gives the device a very different look, and because of its softness, it's easy to apply and remove from the phone. Just try sliding your phone in and out of the case to see why silicone is one of the best phone case materials.

If you ever find yourself Googling "best phone case material", silicone is sure to come up more than once. In addition to being soft to the touch, affordable and protective, it's also a highly eco-friendly option. Not only is silicone produced more naturally, but it also doesn't release harmful chemicals when broken. When this is the case, you can handle it safely.

3.If your phone falls frequently, you can't go wrong with a solid case and tempered glass screen protector. Glass phone case is your best choice

The tempered glass protector is thick enough to keep your phone from getting damaged after a drop.

Many people like to use glass material. Glass phone cases have many advantages. It is mainly composed of plexiglass, which can present the same texture as the original phone. The glass phone case is glossy and gives your phone a new look. Therefore, this product has the highest sales in the store.

Security is strong. When hit by an external force, the debris turns into small blunt honeycomb-like particles to protect the phone, and the case is very strong. And it's comfortable to touch and doesn't feel cumbersome.

4. If you are a person who pursues a sense of ritual in life, I guess you will like this Colorful phone case!

People's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. The mobile phone case is no longer just used to protect the mobile phone, but a reflection of a sense of life ritual and attitude towards life.

The Colorful phone case consists of 2 parts. A piece of laser paper is placed inside the TPU phone case. This laser paper refracts different colors when it encounters light. When uploading an image, the part outside the image will be reflected in a different color. (When uploading pictures, remember not to cover the entire phone case, so as not to be blocked by the laser paper and unable to refract the light.

The high quality and precision of the Colorful phone case means that a phone case can improve the quality of life, and a small change can make a big difference.

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