Why do you need a phone case?

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Why do you need a phone case?

Why do you need a phone case?


It seems common sense that the moment you take your new smartphone out of the box, you need to put it in a case. There are always a lot of situations in which we drop our phones, create cracks, and shatter screens, rendering our devices unusable. At this time, we will choose to use a mobile Phone case to protect the mobile phone.

Phones are stronger than ever.

Smartphone makers don't design their smartphones with casings in mind. It's an out-of-the-box device. Of course, I'd be happy to provide you with a Phone case.


1. Effective protection

Some phones can easily slip off, like your lap or sofa. Some phone cases offer a textured surface that reduces the chance of your Phone slipping.

Second, if you're using your phone in an unusually dangerous location, you should consider a sturdy case. People working in construction or outdoors are at increased risk of serious damage as their phones may come into contact with rocks, sand, asphalt and other similar surfaces. Therefore, it is wise to strengthen the case.


2. Resale value

Selling your old phone to offset the cost of a new phone is a great way to help others while also helping yourself. Of course, the better shape your device is, the more money you can make. Sometimes it's even possible to say something like "a used Phone case from day one" in the description, which will send buyers deeper into their pockets to pick up what you put down.


3. Have you bought insurance?

Even if you do: 1) the coverage only goes so far; 2) you still find yourself without a smartphone for days or even weeks while another is being repaired or replaced. Bottom line, you need a Phone case -- especially if you don't have insurance.


4. Shock protection

We have all had such days. You know what I'm talking about. In those days, no matter what you did, your brain felt like a fog and nothing seemed to work the way you wanted, including your hands. All it takes is an episode of Butterfly Fingers to rush your smartphone to the pavement for summer. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to hold your breath and hope your screen didn't shatter into a million pieces when you went to pick it up? 

Today, many cases — even the obvious ones — provide a solid level of drop protection for your device. As it acts as a barrier between your fragile Phone and the asphalt, even a thin layer of shock-absorbing TPU can save your screen from disaster.


5. Look and Feel

We've all heard Phone users say they'd rather not use a case because they don't want to obscure the look of their device. But who says Phone cases have to do this? There are some clear cases designed to provide maximum protection while keeping interference to a minimum. Some of them even enhance the look and feel of the phone with smooth silicone edges and curved corners.


6. Affordability

Some of the best Phone cases on the market sell for less than $30. This gives you a full body case with a built-in touch compatible screen protector, double layer TPU material and polycarbonate shell. In other words, the best - with all the bells and whistles - will only cost you a few good lattes. Let's compare it to today's smartphones. With borderless glass screens, glass bodies, and multiple camera lenses, today's phones are more than just phones—and their price tags only remind us of that. Why not spend a little now and save a lot of money later?


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